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Kyle Davis  
Wellington Source Water Protection
Dan Meagher Region of Waterloo: Water Services
 Peter Gray Honourary Chair, MTE Consultants
 Kelly Bedbrook   Volunteer
 Sue Brocklebank   Grand River Conservation Authority
Colleen Brown   Region of Waterloo: Water Services
Mary-Anne Cain     GRCA: Laurel Creek Nature Centre
Wendy Connell   Waterloo Region Museum
Jenn Deter   Grand River Conservation Authority
Peter Ellis   Region of Waterloo: Public Health
Jennifer Gilks   Volunteer
Michele Kamphuis   Kitchener Utilities 
Corina McDonald   University of Waterloo: Earth Science Museum
Frank Moffat   Volunteer
Debbie Moxam   Waterloo Region Museum
Chris Nechacov   City of Kitchener
Josh Shea     City of Kitchener
Peggy Stevens       City of Waterloo
Parmi Takk   Kitchener Utilities
Steve Yessie   City of Guelph
Scott Miller Cressman
Region of Waterloo: Water Services








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