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The following instructions only apply for in person festivals. The 2022 Waterloo Wellington Children's Groundwater Festival will be offered online.  

Planning plays an important part in the success of your Waterloo Wellington Children’s Groundwater Festival visit at the Waterloo Region Museum. 
The following check list is designed to help prepare you for visit:

Resources to Download; Site Map, Visit Scheduler, Activity Centre List,
 Attendance  Sheet

          __  REVIEW the Health and Safety Protocol (Click Here)

__ Attend one of the Orientation / Planning sessions OR Download the WWCGF App

__ Using your class list, divide students into small groups (6 students / 1 adult)

__ Assign one adult supervisor per group (All supervisors are admitted free of charge. Please use name tags provided for all supervisors (parents and teachers).

__ Advise all group supervisors that they are responsible for the behaviour of their group during the visit, and the students must be   accompanied by an adult at all times. Please ask supervisors to keep children out of the Schneider Creek.

__  All parent volunteers to arrive with the bus. NO CAR PARKING ON-SITE. Note: Please contact WWCGF coordinator for any special needs concerns, or to arrange for a Parking Pass.

__ Distribute copies of the Visit Scheduler, Activity Centre List and the Site Map to all group leaders ( teachers and parent volunteers)
Or download the NEW WWCGF App

__ Familiarize yourself with the site map and plan ahead by selecting activities and exhibits which best suit your groups’ interest. A Visit Scheduler and an Attendance form has been provided for your convenience.

__ Start each group from a different location and move in rotation to avoid congestion. Each activity Centre has been described for planning and organization. Note there are two entrances to the site.

__ Please note that the lunch period is from 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Have students pack litter-free lunches which they will carry with them. You will not be able to purchase food on site.

__ By planning ahead and preparing all supervisors for your visit, everyone can take an active role in this valuable learning experience.

__ School will be invoiced - no payment on day of visit. ($10 per student all adult supervisors free)

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