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Why Should I Help?

The Waterloo Wellington Children's Groundwater Festival aims to educate students and their communities about respecting and conserving valuable water resources so that they can help ensure a reliable water supply for the future. Volunteers are constantly needed to help with multiple responsibilities. 

Who will Attend the Festival?

More than 5,000 students from grades 2 through 5 will attend the week-long festival.

What Happens?

The 2022 Festival will be held online and it provides interactive opportunities that will challenge students to consider the importance of water to themselves as individuals and to society at large. The activities cover five themes: Water Conservation, Water Protection, Water Science, Water Technology and Changing Attitudes.

What Do You Get For Your Participation?

All volunteers receive a Certificate of Appreciation. The Groundwater Festival is an approved activity for up to the 40 hour community volunteer requirements, if you have approval from your parents and high school to volunteer with us.

How Much of My Time is Needed?

There is no minimum time requirement for the virtual festival. 

What About the Virtual Festival?

For 2022, we can use volunteers to help produce videos and other online content that will be used during this year's virtual festival and shared as learning resources on our YouTube page. Volunteers with experience in presenting, teaching or video production are much appreciated.

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