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We are looking forward to meeting back in person for  the 2023 Festival! 

 Activity Centres:

The final list of Activities for 2023 will be completed soon. some of the activities listed below may be adapted to our new location.

The Festival covers five basic water themes: Water Conservation, Water Attitude, Water Technology, Water Protection and Water Science.  Each activity centres has a link to the Ontario Curriculum, refer to the grade level section. Visit www.cwec.ca to learn the specific outcomes.  Activity to try in the class Edible Aquifers
The fifty activity centres are organized under these headings as follows:

Water Conservation Activity Centres;

Activity Centres      



 Grade Level

3xs a Day     

In a simulation, students will have the opportunity to examine brushing their teeth and comparing water consumption using a variety of techniques. How much water can you save 3xs a day?


Grade 3


Grade 5

Royal Flush

How does my toilet work? How does the required amount of water come back every time? Students can examine how a valve works and its importance in a simple, yet indispensable machine. How can science help make us more environmentally friendly?


 Grade 3


Grade 5


How much water do you think you use in a 5 minute shower? See what happens when you shower for three minutes instead of if you used a low flow shower head!


Grade 3

Grade 5

Then & Now

Students can investigate how much water is used in every day activities in relation to a known reference - a 2L pop bottle.