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The Waterloo Wellington Children’s Groundwater Festival is celebrating 24 years of educating our youth. Congratulations for being a part of this award winning environmental program.

In Ontario, we enjoy what appears to be a superabundance of water. Nearly 17% of the province’s area consists of fresh water lakes and rivers, many forming the province’s boundaries. The unending thunder of Niagara Falls has become a dramatic symbol of Ontario’s water resources.

In the Region of Waterloo, we get 25% of our water supply from surface water, and 75% from groundwater. In the City of Guelph 100% of the water supply comes from groundwater. We realize we have access to vast quantities of water, but only recently have we come to realize that all this water is not clean and that in some cases the asset has become a problem.

One of the goals of education for Ontario is the development of respect for the environment and a commitment to the wise use of resources. The Teacher’s Event Guide has been compiled to prepare classes for participation in the Festival. Resources for educators can be found on the web site: http://www.cwec.ca/Educ_Teachers. These pre and post activities will assist teachers to further develop the water theme in the classroom. All of the activities developed for this program complement the Ontario curriculum. All activities;

  • reflect the components of the foundation of education- accountability, excellence, equity and partnerships;
  • provide for holistic learning in an environment that demonstrates the integration of people, phenomena and ideas; and
  • are geared to the interests, abilities and special needs of learners.
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